Wildwood COTD : #Major 19, The Sun of Life

Todays’ Card of the Day is the Sun of Life and on this day, my birthday, I could hardly have asked for a better card to come out and join us!!

The Sun of Life
Major 19 ~ The Sun of Life

As you can see, it is a card full of positivity, of life, radiating good will and personal warmth and love. On a day when one is spoilt rotten, I cannot help radiating the love to me back out again!

So, today, what warmth and love are you radiating out today? Or are you not? Be positive, be helpful and today for as much as you can, be yourself!

I’m off to enjoy myself a little more, an evening out without the kids and later, a glass of wine will be mine.

Adios, until tomorrow!

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Wildwood COTD : #Major 19, The Sun of Life

2 thoughts on “Wildwood COTD : #Major 19, The Sun of Life

  1. I do find this card very powerful. Hope you have a great evening, and enjoy that wine. 🙂

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