Wildwood COTD : Major #2, The Seer

Today we have The Seer, my Wildwood counterpart comes out to join us today. She’s calm, surreal, insightful, quiet, knowledgeable and a good keeper of secrets.

Card of the Day
Major #2 ~ The Seer

I find that I get told things no other living person knows. The secrets are easier if I don’t remember them. I listen to the messages from the Tarot, the client before me, link the two together, but then I forget. I choose to forget. I find it is more of a necessity to do so, being in this line of work. My counsel is my own to keep and a lot of the times, that is hard, especially if I have had a difficult time interpreting the cards for someone, or understanding where they’re coming from.

This woman though, exudes intuition and instinct. Whatever is reflected in that vessel, is for her to keep her council on or pass on, as her intuition dictates.

So, as things around me environment wise,  change for the better (now I have the lyric: Hold your head up! going around my head!) I hope that things around you are. Use your intuition, the judgement we were born with. The Green Man Oracle card of this week is the Gooseberry, the bush that connects us to the Ancestors by way of birth support: Combine the two, trust the instinct, trust that you haven’t forgotten everything that is modern social education, and smile knowingly when you must. I am here for when you need me.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #2, The Seer
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