Wildwood COTD : Nine of Arrows

Today, mid-week the card of Dedication, the Nine of Arrows, comes out to greet us. And I for once, totally get where this card is coming from. It is nice to see that even the Wildwood still holds a surprise or two up her sleeve.

Card of the Day
Nine of Arrows ~ Dedication

Take a look at this woman, what does she say to you? She can be seen to be somewhat disconnected, out of touch… but I think that is just an external persona, shield, a façade. I think she knows exactly what she is not only thinking, but what she is going to do next.

From the way she is playing that bow with the arrow, I’d really get out of her way. She’s somewhat liable to turn the bow and arrow on you if you go against her chosen path.

Now, what is your chosen path? For me, it’s not only business related, but parental (from my side) and it’s also not easy to do both, let alone juggle the other plates I have spinning in the air. The trick is to keep them spinning, despite all the crap that comes at you (see the other arrows flying around her?)

Keep your wits about you today, keep your task in focus and may the Goddess and the heart of the Wildwood keep you safe. I’ll be over in my little corner of the Wildwood, just here if and when you need me.

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Wildwood COTD : Nine of Arrows
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