Wildwood COTD : Nine of Vessels

On this Mothering Sunday in the UK, we have the Nine of Vessels with the key word of Generosity. To all Mothers, UK-based or otherwise, Happy Mothers Day! (Yes, I know our American cousins don’t celebrate Mothers Day until later in the year, but that is okay!)

Nine of Vessels ~ Generosity

For today as you can see, we have an older gentleman sitting crossed legged, his eyes closed. His red cloak is loosely fastened around his shoulders, his hair sways with either the wind or his emotional generosity heading out to others.

He looks at peace as he gives and receives emotional well-being, love, compassion and friendship.

So that is the message today. Love and be loved, give and receive. As you can see, this man gives from the larger bowl before him, but I feel he gives into it as well. The larger bowl is his pool of emotions. You need to refill it (often daily) before you can take from it, like a water-butt.

I hope that if you’re a mother, you feel like this today. If you’re a child, I hope you feel this way about your own mother and that your mother makes you feel like this in return.

Whatever you do today, I wish you plentiful emotional generosity in giving and receiving!

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Wildwood COTD : Nine of Vessels
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