Wildwood COTD : Six of Arrows

Today we have the Six of Arrows join us, with the key word of “Transition”. In this card you can see a hooded figure, floating on a boat. Where is this figure going to? I suspect it’s a man, given the little moustache on his face.

Six of Arrows ~ Transition

The sun is setting, the moon is rising, the sky is darkening and while we can see the boat, mainly due to the white sail that will be reflecting the moon, but we still cannot see everything clearly.

Who is this hooded figure? Why is he travelling at night, by boat? Where is he going and why?

Arrows in this deck so relate to swords in RWS, so is he running from something, or towards it? What mental trauma has he endured enough to run away with the tide?

He’s transitioning, but the question is, how? And that immortal question of why?

Okay, so what about you? Are you transitioning away from something bad, ugly or unpleasant (see the choppy water on the left) towards the calmer, nicer waters on the right? And if you are not, but you wish to, what do you have to do in order to make that transition? Where do you have to go? Transitioning out of rough, unpleasant waters is never easy and the question is usually: How?! when a card like this comes up. For me, it’s enough today to know that I am going to be moving further along the waters out of trouble. And about time too!

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Wildwood COTD : Six of Arrows
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