Wildwood COTD : Six of Stones

Today we have the Six of Stones come out to join us. It has the keyword of Exploitation, which is unusual for what is the Six of Pentacles in the RWS, which isn’t linked to exploitation.

Six of Stones ~ Exploitation

This card has come up before, so I’ll try to reflect some things that I haven’t covered. You can see two adults, father and daughter I think, holding out their bowls, dressed in rags, asking for alms. Why has this happened to them? There is a fire raging in the background, the bee hives are all empty, the tools lie on the ground, broken. The land is spent, even the tree in the background has been taken in the process of farming this area.

It reminds us not to be taking more than we need, to refill what we need to use so we can keep it going: like a water-butt, what you take out, you do need to keep it topped up to a certain extent so you can carry on watering the crops.

We don’t know what caused these people to be in this situation, but I still want to scream: MOVE! at them! I mean, come on, the situation is dire, the fire is not terribly far away, so will you please shift your butts out of there?

Will they learn from their experiences? Who knows. But the question is not about these two, it’s about you, reading this. What are you taking too much of? Or are you perhaps giving too much and not replenishing yourself when you’ve given? Are you taking too much and taking advantage? These questions only you can answer: but keep things balanced. It’s a six for a reason!

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Wildwood COTD : Six of Stones
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