Wildwood COTD : Six of Vessels

The Card of the Day for the Saturday is the Six of Vessels, with the keyword of Reunion. Vessels in this deck relate to emotions, the same as Cups do in the Rider Waite. However, the context of this card is more favourable than the RWS one. In the RWS, you see two children playing, it’s the card of nostalgia. You remember things as being more rose-coloured than they were.

Card of the Day
Six of Vessels ~ Reunion

In the Wildwood, the keyword changes the entire take. You see a waterfall gently filling a pool of water with six floating vessels, each containing a lit candle. There are two otters who have come for a drink on the right while we have the fern (a symbol of truth) and another plant in the bottom of the card.

What does it say to you about emotional reunions? Sometimes, we wish we could reunite with people and situations that have passed, so the RWS card comes into play slightly. Sometimes, we’re given the chance: other times we are not.

There are times when we do not want the reunion, but are placed in situations where it is necessary and healthy to forgive, though forgetting is another ball game entirely. Those who are fans of Robin of Sherwood will know this phrase very well: Nothing is forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten.

But each of these lights offers us a chance to reunite, to undo any harm caused or to just be with friends we have not had the chance to see for a while. Sometimes, we wish we were closer to our friends, chosen family, or actual family. Work and other immediate family commitments prevent us from just upping sticks and being that much closer.

So today, as it’s a Saturday, if you have the chance, you may want to take the opportunity to reunite with friends or family. And if food and alcohol are involved, all the better! Have a great day, I know I will be!

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Wildwood COTD : Six of Vessels
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