Wildwood COTD : Three of Vessels

The Three of Vessels joins us today, indicating Joy and celebration with friends and family of various types and ages. It’s a great card for a Saturday.

Three of Vessels ~ Joy

As some of us struggle to wake up today (myself included!) I wonder what joyous things we’ll get to do today. I love spending time with the kids and my husband and just being here at home. What are your plans today though? Do you want to spend time with your friends? Or with family? Be grateful and joyous for the small things. That might be something as simple as waking up this morning.  Or watching a child getting better at using a spoon.

There are small things in life to be joyous for, as well as the big things. At the moment, it’s started to rain, which ironic as it sounds, makes me happy! It’s been glorious weather here this last week, so uncharacteristic for late March (so much so that it’s felt like flaming June!) and the rain is so welcome for the garden and the garden birds. I can see them flying about, catching the bugs that have emerged with the damp. It’s a great thing to see the wee dunnocks, robins and tree birds catching the bugs or feeding from the various feeders I have scattered about the garden.

So, on this cool last day of March, what will you be joyous for? Who will you be joyous with? And who might you be joyous for? Enjoy today, whatever you plan to do!

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Wildwood COTD : Three of Vessels

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