Wildwood COTD : Two of Arrows

Today, typically for the start of the week and a Monday, we have the Two of Arrows come out to join us. She carries with her the keyword of injustice. Either causing it onto others or onto ourselves, I do wish she’d not show up like this.

2 of Arrows ~ Injustice
2 of Arrows ~ Injustice

The last time she did, things got a little hairy. I’d really rather not go through anything else similar in any way, thank you again!

But she may carry another message I need to heed: punishing myself. At times, I am my own worst enemy (well, who isn’t against themselves?) and sometimes fear binds us into doing nothing, when we should be firing the arrows from the bows, like The Archer or with a staff in hand for the Woodward.

Someone mentioned something to me the other day about fighting, that the blood on the Woodward’s spear was evidence enough that I was capable of the fight, which was perhaps worse than the fight itself.

Do you want to pick a fight today? I do not. Do you need to defend yourself or anyone else from a tirade of abuse and bullying?

I hope it does not come to that today, I could quite happily do without it, really I could! I wish you a most pleasant and bright Monday.

I now hope that the Blog Hop (due out at 16:00 today) hops along nicely!!

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Wildwood COTD : Two of Arrows
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