Wildwood New Year Spread ~ 3/12 ~ March

Wheel of the Year Spread ~ Part 3 of 12

Welcome to the third spoke on the Wheel of the Year. It is better late than never, and thank you all for being so patient for this instalment!

Let me show you how the Wheel looks with the cards for March having been revealed:

The Wheel of The Year ~ March Revealed
The Wheel of The Year ~ March

We know that the central card is Major #14, Balance (or Temperance in RWS) so this year, it’s about keeping things in the middle and walking a tight rope: not pulling the silver birch one way or the other. It’s all about finding the balance between business, family, finances, TABI and me! That’s a lot to try and keep balanced! No more plates please ~ one has enough, thank you!!

So, what came up for me in March? The three cards for  March,  can be seen above in The Wheel image, are laid out with the following position meanings:

Monthly Card: Major #21, The World Tree
What will help: Two of Bows ~ Decission
What will not help: Knight of Stones ~ Horse

I took another image of just these three cards. Here it is:

March's 3 Cards

For me, I read the following meanings from all three for March:
You can and should aim for the World. Things come in seasons, but we’re heading into Ostara and Beltane, the warm parts of the year. Your dreams should warm up and flourish too, so what do you want to aim for? You have a decision to make, which one ignites your passion more? Like Zeus on Mount Olympus, feel free to express your choices and why you’ve made that decision. Running around however like a horse that has bolted the stables because its door was not locked, won’t help. Be careful you don’t dart between here, there and everywhere and make things hard for you in practical terms.

February's 3 Cards

In February it was a proper baptism of fire, the start of a rather awkward time. The jealously itself may not have been present, but head and heart in conflict, one over the other, certainly was! The mourning I feel was the outcome of that conflict. It rather fit together. Time is needed now to heal. I cannot change what has passed and for now, I think the last card is rather fitting: Trying to make the peace now is perhaps not the best idea I’ve ever had! The emotional wounds are too raw, too recent.

All in all, the story has fit together rather well: but it’s hard to see how a spread like this might unfold, until you get there!

So, I’ll post in early April all that happened in March and post April’s up in the same post. Keep them peeled and thank you for reading and joining in this journey!

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Wildwood New Year Spread ~ 3/12 ~ March
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