Wildwood COTD : Five of Vessels

We have a returning friend come out and join us the day before Easter Sunday. That is the Five of Vessels this Saturday: the last day and chance you’ll get to buy any eggs you’ve not yet bought. The key word for the card is: Ecstasy.

Card of the Day
Five of Vessels ~ Ecstasy

I have a strong feeling that I know what this card is on about tomorrow already. Tomorrow, I am heading out shopping with the family. I’ll be going through the motions, I’ll enjoy my time where we’re going, but I would rather spend an afternoon in Glastonbury. That said, if the kids go to where we’re planning to go and I am not there, I know I’ll be the one feeling “left out” as I miss them playing, miss watching them grow up. The chances to take the time to watch them grow are fleeting as they demand more of their independence and build up their own little lives: all without mummy being there!

So tomorrow, no matter what you are doing, enjoy it! Whether, like me, you’ll be shopping somewhere you’d rather not be, but with the people you love and spending time with them: take the time. You can always go shopping to that place you want to be later on. Family is more important. They’re the candles in the lights of the vessels above. Enjoy them before they burn out!

Have a great week, I’ll be back for readings on Tuesday.

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Wildwood COTD : Five of Vessels

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