Wildwood COTD : King of Stones

Today, in case it has escaped your notice, is Tuesday and we have the King of Stones come out and join us in the form of Mr Wolf. I very nearly typed “Worf” but this is not quite a Star Trek deck! (I wonder if there is such a thing?)

Card of the Day
King of Stones ~ Wolf

What knowledge and insight has the Wolf bought to share with us today? The last time Mr Wolf came out to play for me, was back on October 4th, 2011. I had a pretty swift kick up the posterior regarding something and I have since rectified it, thanks to the help of one Twitter follower and Tarot Peer, @AmethystTiger.

It was commented at the time that the Wolf could also be calling the troops, rallying them to him. Or me, as it was back in October. I Googled Shamanism and Wolf to get this link, and as you can see, it offers quite a bit about what the Wolf represents. That’s a lot to keep in mind for today but the thing that strikes me about them is the social and family values, protection of self and family and instinct linked with intelligence.

He is also (according to the book) linked with trading, speculation, mathematical ability (could have done with that yesterday when doing my tax returns for 2011/12!), loyalty, steadfastness, robust health and determination.

It seems to me that Mr Wolf here has a lot to suggest and offer to us, depending on whatever else you have going on around you. Also, the Stones are Pentacles in RWS, so here you have a being that is highly practical and skilful. The Suit of Stones is placed on the Wheel of the Year from Samhain (Halloween) to Imbolc (early spring) and as you can see from the image, that’s cold in that image! Colder than we are now.

Wolves are also loyal, they’re one of the many that mate for life, like about a dozen or so other animals, (Beavers, Swans, Cranes, Penguins and others) you can find an non-complete list here.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say about Mr Wolf this time out folks! Please do comment and if you’d like your own in depth reading, please do contact me.

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Wildwood COTD : King of Stones

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