Wildwood COTD : Knight of Bows

Today, Mr Fox, the sly, sleek, conniving opportunistic soul comes out to join us. I might just borrow some of his skills for today!  But what are his skills? In Shaman terms, the fox brings anything from gifts from the Gods to Healing to giving man fire.

Card of the Day
Knight of Bows ~ Fox

He can be a guide to the Faery realm, the realm of the Sidhe, which is understandable since he’s an ingenious, nocturnal creature that lives pretty much anywhere these days. They’re opportunistic, often seen as time travellers, shape-shifters, experts at camouflage, agile, skilled and unpredictable.

All of these skills will certainly help fulfil my plans today. I’d rather have the time travelling skill though! How does one engage the good Doctor and his Tardis?

Since I’ve more chance of plaiting fog than getting The Doctor to help, I’d better get on with it on my own. The ability of the fox to be seen in several places in quick succession is one such useful skill.

What skills of his can you borrow today? We’re all born with the full 16 court cards already engaged, just we prefer to use some and not others, depending on our education, experiences etc. I shall certainly enjoy borrowing the skills of Fantastic Mr Fox! Will you?

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Wildwood COTD : Knight of Bows
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