Wildwood COTD : Major #10, The Wheel

Today, on a Sunday, comes a rather strong hint from the Tarot that changes are a-foot. The Wheel card indicates a number of possibilities, from the warmth and daylight of summer to the cool nights of spring. The shirt being woven on the loom is not yet complete, which is a good thing!

Card of the Day
Card 10 ~ The Wheel

There’s a small Scots Gaelic phrase I use in relation to the Tarot. It is “Na cuibhle tionndaidh” which literally means: The Wheel Turns.

It can mean bad fortune changes as well as good ones. The Wildwood was never designed to be used with reversals, but any negativity a card has, needs to be taken in context in a whole spread. In a single card like this, I don’t see the negativity. Do you?

Things for me, personally, the last year were somewhat tough. I was in a 5 personal year and this year (just after my birthday) I entered a 6 year (Lovers), but things take a while to get moving from a 5 (choas) to 6 (better stability and love).

So, how are things changing for you? Are they heading upwards? Or downwards? Or are you not sure? Changes from the Wheel can take immediate effect, however, understanding that is what happening, is a different kettle of fish!

I am here to help, where I can.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #10, The Wheel
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