Wildwood COTD : Major #17 ~ The Pole Star

The card for the day on this Thursday is from the Major side of the Tarot deck, the Pole Star, or The Star in RWS terms. A card of hope for a day that is probably going to contain a lot more rain and staying in doors than was wanted.

Card of the Day
Major 17 ~ The Pole Star

The image of the card is one of hope: I have often sat outside (when it’s not throwing it down!) and gazed at the stars, even in the light puddles of the town I live in, I can see the stars. However, I know that when I am camping, or up on the Clent Hills, I can see far more than I would at home.

But what does this card say to you? To me, it says “hope”. Look how the stars swing around the brightest one, the one that is the brightest. Is that an illusion? Or is that the fates telling you that things are working in their own sweet time?

Walking through the darkness that is the forest of life, you do often wonder what on earth you’re journeying for. Then, you come out into a clearing and you see a whole night sky full of brightly coloured stars. Pick one and make a wish.

In doing so, you set yourself a target, something to aim for. It doesn’t matter always what the target is, or if you fail to meet it perhaps. The reading points within the book are quite similar, but not exact. John & Mark mention prophetic guidance and inspirational knowledge, which will guide you on the forthcoming journey that may be before you. Which might be why I like star-gazing a lot! I often found gazing at those little bright white dots in the dark blanket of the night sky very inspirational.

So, today’s card of the day is a reminder that of the big wider consciousness that we all come from, that whenever you’re feeling lost in the dark maze of life, that your star is still burning bright, but it is within, not up there. Reconnecting to “up there” when it’s not persisting down with rain is often good for us. Replenish your soul often: lift your head up to see what else is going on and to check your direction every once in a while.

If you’d like help in working out your direction, I am here to assist.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #17 ~ The Pole Star
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