Wildwood COTD : Major 21, The World Tree

Sunday’s child is full of grace but I do believe that this tree has more grace than I do! The last time I was being graceful, I think it was at karate class. However, we have one of the best cards any Tarot deck can offer and The Wildwood offers it such a different way, in the shape of a tree that demonstrates the four seasons and the meandering path of life right at its door.

Card of the Day
Major #21 ~ The World Tree

I seem to recall John Matthews saying at the TABI Conference 2011, that we live, or start off,  at the start of the labyrinth and to traverse it is to live life, with all the meandering paths and turns that life has before us. Our goal is The World Tree and like a journey, as one ends, another begins.

I like the sheer openness of this card, and the labyrinth that lies at the feet of the tree is all pretty, with no false routes or dead ends.

The book refers to the labyrinthine path as a ritual requiring patience, insight and providing contemplation and meditation on the meaning of the journey you are on.

Today, it is enough I think, to bear in mind that there is recognition for things that you do, say and offer to others, if it is deserved. So if someone has offered you support of late, I hope you have thanked them. They may have just made your path through the labyrinth of life a little easier. It’s time to restore the natural balance in either the giving or the receiving. Whichever end of the stick you happen to be on today, enjoy your Sunday!

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Wildwood COTD : Major 21, The World Tree
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