Wildwood COTD : Major #6, The Forest Lovers

Today we have one of the best Majors in the deck (and my birth card, according to Mary K Greer): The Forest Lovers. This of course is The Lovers in RWS Tarot decks, represented in this deck by Robin Hood and the Lady Marion.

Card of the Day
Major 6 ~ The Forest Lovers

This card is just brilliant for a lot of reasons. It is a card of promise, of intent, of pure and simple love, regardless of what may come in the future. It’s also about loving yourself: if someone else can see that good in you and you can see that good in them, then it’s time to believe in others and yourself.

The only person who is preventing you from doing what you want to, is you! During the weekend, I had the Lighthouse Family’s Ocean Drive go through my head, specifically the chorus, which is 1:18 in on the link. I asked my guides for help in understanding where I was to be taking my business this year. This was one of their answers.

Love is a universal gift, if your heart is generous enough. Seek love and you shall find love, balance and healing. These two are creating a positive spiritual force of creating emotional energy and a universal desire for harmony. And they’re starting with themselves. This could come in the form of being true lovers or that of  friendships. Whatever happens, allow the light of love to shine with you, from you and it will no doubt illuminate the darkest corners of your world. If you allow it, it could support you through whatever you set out to do.

I am back in Tarot action today and if you need a reading, delivered by whatever means you wish, I am here.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #6, The Forest Lovers
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