Wildwood COTD : Major #8, The Stag

Today is hump day and like most parents during this Easter time, the kids are off school and we have lots more days for “fun”! (Or torture, depending upon your view) and for that day, we have the Wildwood remind us of our Strength in the form of The Stag.

Card of the Day
Major 8 ~ The Stag

No, not the Stig, the Stag. See, the image clearly has a set of antlers and a deer’s head, not a motorcycle helmet with its visor blanked out!

But the beat of the drum is to be felt today, reminding us that things happen at their own pace for their own reasons. The Fates (Greek ones, probably) won’t be outdone just because I want something done now! Darned.

But the Stag is gentler than that. He’s there to remind us of calm, of inner serenity. It’s not something I’ve picked up with the RWS Strength cards, but with him, I do. When I see him, I inhale deeply, like being reminded to breathe. Something I’ve done since the moment I was born, but he invokes a deep inhalation.

I believe that there is a deck out there for every reader and that every querent / client will be guided to the person with the right deck at the right time for the right reasons. For me, it’s The Wildwood. I know some people are getting equally fascinating results with this deck, just like I am. And like them, I do not exclusively use one deck when I read at an event or even for you wherever we meet.

So, whatever your beat of the drum is, whether it’s natural, rock, hip-hop, blues, country…. follow your own beat today. Listen for it, enjoy it, relax in it, breathe it in…. you might find that your day goes a little sweeter for it!

Should you be unable to find the beat of your own drum, I am here to help you find it, if you so wish.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #8, The Stag
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