Wildwood COTD : Seven of Arrows

Today, on Good Friday, we have the Seven of Arrows come out and join us. This shows a lady that might be seen as acting like a drama queen. She has seven arrows flying at her. Do they all hit  her? This card carries the key word of: Insecurity.

Card of the Day
Seven of Arrows ~ Insecurity

Looking at the image very carefully (click on it to enlarge it) some of the arrows appear to have pierced her dress or her directly, but others are not yet hitting her.

We can see a rope around her bare feet, which stand on cold stone. Her face is that of the Green Woman, but I do not feel that this lady has the full wisdom that the Green Woman has.

It interests me that the key word is that of Insecurity. I would not feel safe standing on this rock. But then, I’d be getting off the rock and out of there!

But what exactly is she feeling insecure about? Where are these arrows coming from? Arrows in this deck relate to Swords in RWS, so we’re talking possible insults, social media discussions, disrespect, arguments… the list is almost endless.

Today, I do not wish to be the perpetrator of any of the above and I am certainly not going to be this lady on the rock, wrapping myself into a situation with a rope around my ankles! I shall try to avoid her situation, now that the Tarot has advised that this energy is around. Honestly, in a house with two young children, in-laws, dog and husband, it is bound to happen, isn’t it?

I hope you all have a good day, regardless of this influence!

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Wildwood COTD : Seven of Arrows

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  1. Hi Louise, I hope you survive the weekend! I can relate to this card, as I am having to tread very carefully with someone at the moment. Thanks for another insightful update!

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