Wildwood COTD : Ten of Bows

Today we have quite a seriously minded minor come out to join us. This it the Ten of Bows, with the keyword of Responsibility. It’s rather a heavy-looking card for a Wednesday, but I am sure its meaning will become clear during the day.

Card of the Day
Ten of Bows ~ Responsibility

As is clear from the image, the man carrying the ten bows up that steep hill has not much further to go. His goal is in sight, the fires are burning a welcome. We don’t know what these bows are going to be used for. They could be quarter staffs, he could be the guy from the Seven of Bows (Clearance) and is finally taking his harvest home. They could be used to make a defence perimeter, a fence or a gate.

What are your duties and responsibilities today? What are you nearly close to completing?

Today, my “To Do” list is as long as one of these bows, maybe even two. To those that know me, I often complain bitterly about the amount of ironing I do. But the truth is, it’s a chore. Like taking these bows to the top of the hill, we have a job to do for some reason. Ironing is one I don’t mind doing, though I do tend to make a rod for my own back and save it all up for a marathon of an ironing session! (laughing!)

Anyway, that is not all on my to-do list for today! What is on yours? Can you do it? Or have you put too many bows on your back to actually do any of them? Ten is a nice, round number. I like that number, and I like the number 7 a lot too. But that’s another post, another story.

Do what you can, but don’t be phased if you cannot do more than 10 things in a day. That includes getting up and feeding yourself. When I first became a mum, that was a task I often forgot to do. I’m in a routine now, so no-one gets left out, not even the pets.

If life is phasing you out, I’m available for readings this evening and again from the 10th onwards. I’m going to be enjoying the Easter break with my family. Enjoy your celebrations and remember, the responsibilities are nearly over!

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Wildwood COTD : Ten of Bows

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