Month: May 2012

Wildwood COTD : Major #8 ~ The Stag

Today we have The Stag, the 8th Major of the Wildwood. It usually represents Strength or Justice in RWS / WCS, depending on which numbering the author has followed. He stands before us, drum showing, axe in hand. His antlers are broad and wide, showing off the age and wisdom that this man has. He […]

Wildwood COTD : Three of Vessels

It’s hump day (and by that, I mean Wednesday, not Engelbert Humperdinck!) and we have the Three of Vessels come out and join us. This is a day to celebrate and chill out I feel. What have you got to celebrate today? How about being alive, being aware, having friends? They’re all things to be […]

Green Man Tree Oracle : Willow ~ Saille

Green Man Wisdom: From harmony comes inspiration I’ve not pulled a Green Man Tree Oracle for a few weeks, I’m sorry! But this week, I feel the need to and we have the Willow to come and greet us. And the wisdom straight from this tree is rather remarkable. The first piece if information I […]

Wildwood COTD : Ace of Vessels

Today for Saturday, we have a fantastic card come out to join us. It’s the Ace of Vessels with the key phrase (not word) of: The Waters of Life. We had this card join us on Tuesday and the message then is the same as today: it’s new emotional beginnings and experiences, friendships or possible […]

Wildwood COTD : Three of Arrows

Today is Friday and we have a rather delicate message, in the form of the Three of Arrows. It carries the key word of “jealousy” and with it, a cautionary piece of advice. Friday nights are often the start to the weekend and for some, that is where the problems can start. Remember, that Arrows […]

Wildwood COTD : Major #6, The Forest Lovers

Today is Thursday, yet another day closer to a weekend! But today, we have a Major card come out and join us and today, it’s one of my birth cards, The Forest Lovers. They’re all about healing, loving, giving and receiving. Four nice words to remember today, which is great! What does the card say […]

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