Wildwood COTD : King of Bows

It’s SUNDAY! But that does not mean that we get to sit and rest on our laurels. Given the card that has joined us today, doing anything but that is the idea for today.

Card of the Day
King of Bows ~ Adder

It has been a little while since we had a Court Card join us.  The King of Bows is the King of Wands in RWS / WCS terms, the fiery father (think of the Fire signs here, Sagittarius, Aries and Leo) who will stand his ground and not suffer fools of any kind.

He’s the fellow that will tell you what is right and wrong, out of passion and caring, than anything else. Adders are cunning but wise by nature: they have to be. Even Taliesin from the time of the Druids said: “I am a wise man,  I am a serpent”. (You can find more about their Shamanistic qualities here)

But what wisdom does he have to lend to us today? Snakes can shed their skin as they grow larger, so they transform, almost reincarnate themselves. This time of year (moving away from Beltane to Lithia) is where the Bow Courts sit: this is their element, the warm sunshine. The male adders struggle for dominance, which can be misinterpreted as a mating ritual. The males are maturing, growing up. On a personal level, you may find that your individual genius is rewarded, your leadership may go unchallenged, the path may become clearer or your goals realised.

Is that something you need to do today? Mature a little? Grow up a little more? I find that the fire signs are so very serious in their endeavours, but they’re honest, talented and have good intentions. They’re usually well educated and wise, but I’ll add in stubborn to that mix: if they know of an answer, an experience, they’ll share it and try and steer you clear of it if it’s not going to be a good idea. However, they’ll use that immortal phrase: I told you so! when it does go south. However, they’re also great fathers, because of it. At least, in my humble opinion.

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Wildwood COTD : King of Bows
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