Wildwood COTD : Major #8 ~ The Stag

Today we have The Stag, the 8th Major of the Wildwood. It usually represents Strength or Justice in RWS / WCS, depending on which numbering the author has followed.

Card of the Day
Major 8 ~ The Stag

He stands before us, drum showing, axe in hand. His antlers are broad and wide, showing off the age and wisdom that this man has.

He beats the drum to the tune of nature: or is that nature beating the drum he is carrying? I find it can be either way, but whomever is beating the drum, it’s the connection to nature and the beat of life that is calling to us.

The book though describes this drum as a shield, so it’s not a drum at all. How weird, I always thought that this fellow was carrying a drum. So, it’s a shield. What is he defending?

Since he is the forest king and guardian, it becomes clear that he is defending the forest, the balance of nature. He’s protecting nature from the human drive to change things for the sake, not always for the better. He reminds us that weighing up cause , action and responsibility is necessary. There’s a universal balance to be struck, but where does that line get drawn with you?

He also offers us divine intervention, if we have at least tried to keep the balance between nature and man’s drive for destruction. On a personal level, perhaps we need some kind of adjustment or interaction to take place, to work out what we are individually responsible for. This kind of thought process usually happens around Spring time, but it is good to reassess our goals and the balance with the environment every now and again.

If you find that need for adjustment and it’s not quite going how you’d like, you can find my help via this page.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #8 ~ The Stag

One thought on “Wildwood COTD : Major #8 ~ The Stag

  1. Hi Louise,

    After watching your blog and Ali’s, looking at Wildwood cards, I’ve really grown to like them a lot!! I know I may sound surprised, cos I am. Anyway, just been out and bought a deck today. Gulp!! When am I going to get chance to look at these new purchases. Perhaps I will have to call on the card of the day and ask for his energies to be able to prioritise things…after all I need to nurture my spriritual side too!!

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