Green Man Tree Oracle : Willow ~ Saille

Green Man Wisdom: From harmony comes inspiration

I’ve not pulled a Green Man Tree Oracle for a few weeks, I’m sorry! But this week, I feel the need to and we have the Willow to come and greet us. And the wisdom straight from this tree is rather remarkable.

Willow ~ Saille

The first piece if information I find in the book is that everyone needs harmony: without it, we are fragmented, pulled apart, conflicted. I found this rather fantastic image (it’s linked to the givers site, Underneath the Sycamore, who runs a Tarot Journal. This was published in August 2011) and having sat underneath willow trees before, it is rather peaceful under there, half hidden in the daylight. Fantastic place to sit and think and bring harmony to inner self, though it has been some years since I was able to do that, I will say!

I don’t see many willow trees around these days, though there are the odd one or two here and there at various parks, usually near water. That is not surprising though, this tree loves the water, it likes having its feet wet. That explains the Celtic name of Saille, pronounced sahl-yeh.

Willow bark has been long used to treat fevers, coughs, but that folk medicine is hardly used these days. Probably because they found out that Willow bark contains salicylic acid, which has a synthetic cousin which is the basis for Asprin. Mother nature really did take care of pretty much everything. I wonder how come the druids knew? Or was it just by chance that they came across it and just started using it for pretty much a lot of ailments? We’ll probably never know.

Ogham Saille

The Willow is strongly connected with the moon, reflecting its watery and womanly connection and the power of inspiration. There are various Gods and Goddesses connected with the Willow from many pantheons, such as Ceridwen and Belinus from the Celtic paths to Demeter, Apollo and Orpheus in the Greek.

If you’ve ever seen Harry Potter (who hasn’t!) you may be interested to know that Ron Weasley’s second wand was made from Willow. You can find more about Ron’s wand on this page. But folklore does speak of willow wands being used by Druids and Wizards and traditionally dowsers, because of their connection with water.

It is interesting that the book mentions that Romanian gypsies celebrate the festival of Green George on the 23rd of April (St Georges Day). On this night (according to the reference book) a young and leafy willow is felled, erected then decorated with streamers and ribbons. The tribes pregnant women gather around the tree and each woman lays out a piece of clothing on the ground. If during the night, a leaf falls on the item of clothing, it is said that the goddess of the tree promises both an easy delivery and a gifted child. You can find out more about that festival, here.

So, this week, with all that running around my head (and now yours!) what might we need to think about? For me, it will be more about sitting near water, enjoying the ability to hide, relax, think and bring harmony to your inner self and to others. And while I do not have the time to find and sit under a willow tree, I shall enjoy hunting one down in the park and if I can, spend 5 minutes or so under it.  It may even have a small present for me or the little one!  I hope you have a harmonious weekend

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Green Man Tree Oracle : Willow ~ Saille

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