Wildwood COTD : Eight of Stones

Today is Sunday and while it may be seen as a time of rest (if you go by old Bible stories and the fact that 10 years ago, Sunday trading was a rare thing!), it does not mean that you cannot turn your hand to something that may be of use.

Card of the Day
Eight of Stones ~ Skill

Stones within the Tarot are Pentacles or Coins in most RWS decks. They’re the practical, down to earth suit of the Tarot. Usually, we see someone sitting on a bench, making eight identical pentacle coins. In The Wildwood, we see someone making something far more useful: candle holders, lanterns and bowls. He’s using 3 of his own creations to light his working area, which I find rather credible.

However, for me, I wonder if he’s remembered to eat! He looks quite thin. There’s a hand print on the wall, I often wonder why that was placed there. Has the man had to grope around in the dark to find his tools? Or has he sometimes forgotten to leave the candle on until he’s almost out of the door?

However, the skill he has in creating these useful objects never ceases to amaze me. I love the skill people have in creating something useful from driftwood, a lump of stone, a pile of clay, a section of fabric… it is not a skill I have. But it does set my mind into playing with my sewing machine for a one-off venture. I wonder if I can be brave enough to do it and try today?

What will you be brave enough to try today? Perhaps like this man, you’ll lock yourself away, out of sight while you try to master it, or at least, get competent at it. (Which sounds like my path way today!) Perhaps though, you’ll have enough of a skill to sell your wares. Whichever side of that particular fence you fall on today, I wish you luck! And while you’re at it, wish me luck too?? I really need to make this cloth for my table readings on Friday and going forward! (But of course, the real work will be done by a professional, one Ania Marczyk at AniaM)

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Wildwood COTD : Eight of Stones
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