Wildwood COTD : Eight of Stones

Today is hump day, the middle of the week where the weekend is too far gone and the next one is just as far away. After the day’s rain yesterday, it’s nice to see the sun shining, hear the birds singing and seeing the flowers blowing in the breeze. Hard to believe it’s Mid May, it feels like April.

8 of Stones

However, today, we have a return visitor. I say return because this card has been quite recently out to join us: it’s the Eight of Stones with the keyword of “Skill”. The last time I got this card, I ventured into something I’d never technically undertaken before. It was a little scary but I managed it. I hope that I don’t venture that way later on today!

But what else can this man tell us? To me, now, he says: Go for it! Try it! You may not be great at it, but if you do not try, you will not know! I also remember that the last time he came out, I was going to attempt to sew something… I never got around to it, so I might try it later on.

And while we’re at it, lets see what else we might like to try to make. It’s all very well buying in things, paying for a service, but if cash is tight (and it’s often tight right now for a lot of us!) why don’t you try doing it yourself? The more you practice, the better you get. And following on from kids TV, Sportacus often says this to the kids: Never give up.

So, that I feel is the theme of the day. Try,  try and never give up! If you really want it, develop the skill or skills you need. But start somewhere. Everyone has to!

I hope you like my post for today. If you’d like your own personal private reading, you can book your place here.

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Wildwood COTD : Eight of Stones

One thought on “Wildwood COTD : Eight of Stones

  1. Whenever I see this card (or cards with any marks/effects that humans have had or will have on the world for example,the hand art above the left knee of the man working or undertaking an action/activity of some kind)
    It reminds me of books by Carlos Casteneda that I first read in my early youth regarding the actions of human beings. “What else does the man tell us?” to me it is also a reminder to consider the effects of our doings:
    “A warrior-hunter deals intimately with the world… He taps it lightly, stays for as long as he needs to, and then swiftly moves away, leaving hardly a mark.”… Journey To Ixtlan,Carlos Casteneda,1971.
    Are our actions important, of course they are ~ and just as important as the effect they have on others, either immediately or in the future.
    For me this card reminded me to think about the effect of our actions/learning or as I like to call it nowdays, the ultimate results of ourselves that ensue from our … human …’being’.

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