Wildwood COTD : Four of Stones

On this Thursday, we have the Four of Stones with the keyword of Protection come out and join us. Since I didn’t feel the Archer’s arrow pierce yesterday, I wonder what and why I need the protection, the rest.

Card of the Day
Four of Stones ~ Protection

Not that it is not welcome, it is! However, I wonder if I perhaps, you know, missed something yesterday? Or perhaps I didn’t, as perhaps I was The Archer, not the target? I shall have to wait and see.

But for today, we’re reminded of home, of protection, shelter. We could be the stones, we could be the deer.Β  The sun is about to set, the night is getting cold and it’s getting dark. So, what do we need protection from? The elements? Other deer? I don’t see any other deer in this card, so it’s not that I feel.

We all have a need for shelter, for protection, from as soon as we are born, to the moment we start to venture out on our own, we need protection.

For today, I feel it’s a stay in doors or protect yourself if you need to venture out. And that might not just be getting a coat, though with the weather doing what it’s doing these days, that might not be a bad thing!

So, if you need some protection, or some shelter for a part of you, then I am here to help you build it, if you so wish.

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Wildwood COTD : Four of Stones

5 thoughts on “Wildwood COTD : Four of Stones

  1. My thoughts exactly! There has been a situation within the last 24 hours in which I can apply the message from this card with me as the protector. Very interesting indeed…

    1. Wow Catherine! How synchonistic is the Tarot? I hope you were able to do it without too much harm, if any, to yourself! πŸ™‚

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