Wildwood COTD : Major #0, The Wanderer

I’m sorry that I didn’t post earlier today as I usually do, however, I had things to do today that involved petrol mowers, best friends, Skylanders, cats, dogs, rain and catching up!

Card 0 ~ The Wanderer
Card 0 ~ The Wanderer

However, at the base of all this is the card I drew at around eight thirty this morning. It was the Wanderer, Major 0, or The Fool in RWS / WCS decks. Someone mentioned the Rainbow bridge to me in conversation, I think it was on Twitter with a new Pagan contact.

It’s been several months since I’ve spent time with my best friends. It’s hard to believe it’s been 18 years this September since we first met. And we’re stunned that it’s been so long, yet in other ways, we’re just starting out with each others.

So, eighteen years ago, four of us started walking across this Rainbow Bridge. However, we didn’t realise I think, just how long we’d stick together and keep in touch.

No matter what any of us has been up to, whether it be having families, new jobs, relocating, new relationships, we’ve stayed in touch. Somehow, we are still connected. And today, I feel that we have a new chapter beginning now. And with my friends, they could do with a new start, so I take this card on several levels: a new start in one area for me, a new start for my friends and a new start to our relationship going forward. I wonder where we’ll be, 18 years from now!? Getting closer to our sixtieth birthday and getting used to being somewhere in our fifties no doubt! Thank you for staying with me on my Tarot Journey!

Where has your day gone today? Have you begun again today? Or should you start again? Whatever has happened to you in your day, I hope it was a good one!

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Wildwood COTD : Major #0, The Wanderer

2 thoughts on “Wildwood COTD : Major #0, The Wanderer

  1. I think you have nicely nailed a key word here ~ connected.
    Am semi-retired now, as in for working for anyone else that is, and towards the end of June this year will be 55. 5 years away from being entitled to a ‘Senior’s Concession Card’..lol. Worked for a long time in Australia’s version of Human Services as a district officer (was the name they used to use) basically it was about taking kids off unfit parents or visa-versa, and working with: intervention and assistance for wards of the state (the kids, people under 18 years of age no-one wanted) whatever their circumstances, one of their main issues seemed always to be (with the older ones who could talk of course) from alcoholism to drug addiction to prostitution or being homeless was a lack of, or feeling of… being really:

  2. Great take on this card! The idea of connectedness resonates with me…the Wanderer can be anywhere in the tarot and connects to everything else. 🙂

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