Wildwood COTD : Major #14, Balance

Today the Wildwood’s answer to Temperance comes out to join us. This is my central card of the year for my New Year Spread, so I am getting quite familiar with it.

Major #14 ~ Balance

What does it say to you? For me, it’s another balance card and the big one at that. So it could be that today is a big balancing day. It can go one way or another, but the trick is to chance your balance to counteract it. Far easier said and typed out than done, I know! Especially if you cannot see the table you’re on or which way it is currently pivoting.

Like these two snakes (or are they dragons? The book says serpents) winding their way up the trunk of a silver birch. The other side of this card (and having just read this in the book, makes this year a lot of sense so very suddenly!) is patience. It’s never been my virtue, patience. I’d rather get on and get it done, now. Oh well, only six more months of the year to go!

However, for today, a serious dose of patience, contemplation and calm. (Have you ever tried to be calm when you’re the mother of two children?) However unpleasant it may be, investigating your own psyche is part of the deal. In order to move forward, you and all facets of you, need to be in balance. It’s necessary if you’re to move onto the next stage.

So for today, the message seems to be to keep things in balance, reflective and calm. Something of a tall order, even for a Monday.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #14, Balance

One thought on “Wildwood COTD : Major #14, Balance

  1. As a parent, and as a viewer of the alchemical process of balance (the right measure in the balancing of opposites to create a synthesis of union beteen extremes that has the: outcome of moderation…easier said than done) is how I often view balance in the Wildwood and other decks re: card 14, remembering that it falls between Death & The Devil when this virtue is obtained, it is then easier to pass through the Blasted Oak or the Tower. As I did an apprenticeship in Boilermaking (heavy steel fabrication) when I first left school I think of tempering steel, as an allegory of alchemy, as in tempering a sword, ie: heating the metal to the correct temperature, then quicly cooling with water to create a third result~ case hardened steel. The sword is now moderate perhaps to look at though almost impervious or impossible to break or metaphorically speaking, to be almost impossible to have one’s thought’s/new equilibrium penetrated by the thoughts or actions of others or by expected or unexpected changes of circumstances. LOL~ and as the father of 26 and 24 year old males this of course may sound like a bunch of BS πŸ™‚ regardless that’s my current take on the balance to endure life and all of it’s vicisstudes that are going to be presented to us whether we like it or not πŸ™‚

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