Wildwood COTD : Major #7, The Archer

Today is mid-week, hump day. And counting down the days to the next weekend (even if it only a 2 day weekend) is Wednesday’s usual hobby for those that work and wish to play at the weekends. However, today we have The Archer come out and play. Today is going to be somewhat fun! And it might not be in a good way.

Card of the Day
Major #7 ~ The Archer

So, what is she aiming for today? I usually find that when The Archer comes out, my temper flares. And today, I really do not want any temper tantrums from me, nor do I want any excuse for them! I also find she comes out when I need to deal with something that I don’t want to deal with at the time, for a whole number of reasons, usually when I need time to think.

So, what might happen today? Oh, anything is possible! I want to envision her aiming for something behind the Wanderer. She may not be letting that arrow fly because of The Wanderer coming into the line of fire. There are a lot of possibilities.

So, for today, I need to watch my temper, my aim, be sure I am aiming what I am aiming at for the right reasons and as I was advised by this deck at the start: Keep my own counsel! I’m usually good at that, but it does go around in my head for a while before I can let it go!!

So, today, watch what you say, what you mean and what you intend. You may let your arrow fly too soon or too late… take care today everyone!

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Wildwood COTD : Major #7, The Archer
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