Wildwood COTD : Major 7, The Archer

Today is Voting Day for most of the UK, where we get to vote on local councils and hopefully affect (or is it effect) the policy makers in our local areas. And non surprisingly today, The Archer has come out to take aim and fire that arrow. I wonder who she’s aiming it at? I shan’t bore you with my local politics, but I know who I would like her to aim it at!

Card of the Day
Major #7 ~ The Archer

Any way, local politics aside, what else can she represent for us today? The Archer for me, is one of the ones I still need to reference too when she comes up on her own. For me, she aims for the truth and get it, nothing will stop her and she is not going to release that arrow or those hunting dogs,  if she’s going to miss her target.  The power within her is great and she’s in total and full control.

I read from the book (p50) that the Celts wrote spells on their arrows and Sioux Indians medicine arrows were painted with geometric designs, which held special ritual significance. The bow then took on a role of harnessing and transmitting the will and intent. That reminds me of the Wiccan Reede and when casting spells, be short, specific and don’t faff. The same rule applies here I feel.

The Archer I feel reminds us that we have to be specific in our intent today, be direct, short and if necessary, sharp and sweet. The book (p51) also advises that the key to a smooth and accurate release of the arrow is a steady and relaxed state, both physically and mentally. Having fired a composite bow with composite arrows (rather than a bow like the Archer uses, which is of a Meare Heath design) I recall that moment of calmness that is needed. It is the same in karate kata.

The reading points suggest that this is the dawn of a new adventure, folded up into the web of universal potential. It waits for you to string the bow, to be bold, breathe and commit to the hunting of a new way of life. I love the last line on page 51: Take a deep breath and be calm. It is time to let your soul take flight.

I can personally add no more to that, this is one card I have not had too much dealings with in the last 12 months. (Yes, I have been using this deck for that long!) so I’d love some comments back on this one today.

With blessings folks and happy voting!

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Wildwood COTD : Major 7, The Archer
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