Wildwood COTD : Page of Arrows

Today, on this Friday, is the Page of Arrows, represented in this deck by the little, but certainly loud, Wren. She’s the messenger not only for the Druids, but those of us who read and share the Tarot today.

Page of Arrows ~ Wren
Page of Arrows ~ Wren

And what might this little Wren have to tell us? She could be singing about anything, the warning of a war comes on the slightest breeze. The trick is to listen, observe and act if needs be.

Wrens reminds us to listen, sometimes to what is said, and to what is not said in equal measure. The Wren last came out for me on Friday the 9th of March, and I note then that the bird had a note about studying, gaining knowledge, using our learned wisdom to apply to situations.

I note that it was a Friday then and it’s a Friday now. Funny, but on both days, I was and am, hosting the Coffee morning for the local NCT group. Oh, now I am intrigued about what today may bring!

So, on this day, as heavy going for a Friday as it is, have fun, listen, learn, do your homework, be inspired and remember, even in the coldest parts of life, there’s a warmth somewhere. I’m here if you wish to book your reading when you’re ready.

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Wildwood COTD : Page of Arrows

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