Wildwood COTD : Queen of Vessels

It’s Thursday!! And I’m shouting that slightly because today is my Tarot Evening with the Midlands Tarot Meet Up crowd and by the looks of things, we’ve a few extra numbers tonight, which then promises to be a bigger blast and evening of Tarot fun than usual!

The Salmon
Queen of Vessels ~ The Salmon

And to join us in our Tarot journey today is the Queen of Vessels (aka, Queen of Cups in RWS or WCS decks) and as you can see from the image, she’s out of the water, reaching up, trying her best to achieve her goal, even if she has to be “out of her comfort zone” to do it.

She’s going with her emotions, flying high and letting her past drive carry her forward. If there ever is a Queen in the Tarot deck to use her emotions and instincts, this is the lady.

Salmon are the Pagan Symbols of wisdom and knowledge, a little like the Oak, from where Druids get their name from.

Wisdom comes in all shape and size, little bits here, large snippets there, hints here and whole pieces there!

So, today, use your intuition, feel the emotions and if you feel the intuition to jump, feel free!


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Wildwood COTD : Queen of Vessels

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