Wildwood COTD : Six of Vessels

This Tuesday, we have the Six of Vessels to come out and join us. Somehow, this feels like it ought to be Wednesday’s card, not today’s, but hey ho, such is life.

Card of the Day
Six of Vessels ~ Reunion

The key word for this card is Reunion, whether that be with the waters of life, past friends, distant family, new friends, or reconnecting with the ancestors. Whichever it is, the idea is that you are emotionally refilled by doing so.

What do you intend on doing with this renewed emotional connection? It’s a rather fitting card to have drawn out on Beltane.

I plan on being as calm as this card indicates, and emotionally resting. Is that possible with a toddler around? Probably, but I will not know until I try.

So for today, this is going to be a somewhat short post. As it’s Beltane,  I plan on celebrating quietly and with my family, though I will be on line through the course of the day, as usual and always.

Enjoy my Tarot Blog Hop later, that’s a much bigger post!

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Wildwood COTD : Six of Vessels
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