Wildwood New Year Spread ~ 4/12 ~ April

Welcome to the fourth spoke on the Wheel of the Year. It is better late than never, and thank you all for being so patient for this latest instalment!

Let me show you how the Wheel looks with the cards for April having been revealed:

Wheel of the Year ~ April

We know that the central card is Major #14, Balance (or Temperance in RWS). Let me remind us what this year is about. It’s about keeping things in the middle and walking a tight rope: not pulling the silver birch one way or the other. It’s all about finding the balance between business, family, finances, TABI and me! That’s a lot to try and keep balanced! No more plates please ~ one has enough, thank you!!

Now, onto April more specifically. I really ought to get back into the habit of doing these earlier in the month, that way I get more benefit (and you get longer to share it!)

So, what came up for me in April? The three cards in question can be seen above in The Wheel image, are laid out with the following position meanings:

Monthly Card: Major #17, The Pole Star
What will help: Major #19, The Sun of Life
What will not help: Major #12, The Mirror

April's 3 Cards

I read the following for April: This month, keep your dreams alive, remember what it is you’re aiming for. Work out where you want to go, the fog of the past year is finally lifting. Look up, your dreams are there, let your guides do their work with you. Your power needs t0 shine, find an outlet, a way to make it happen: you know your worth it! Reflect on what you have learnt if you wish, but you may lose time in doing that or in other things that you really ought not to. Don’t take forever to reflect and avoid it if you can.

I have been rather lax with this, so much so that I forget what happened in March now in relation to their input, guidance and insight. I’m sorry! I will do better with May’s and April’s review. Expect the word whirlwind to come out a few times with April’s. I guess I missed The Mirror’s advise quite a bit. Oh, dear!

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Wildwood New Year Spread ~ 4/12 ~ April

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