Wildwood New Year Spread ~ 5/12 ~ May

Welcome to the fifth spoke on the Wheel of the Year. Hopefully, I’ll be back on track doing these at the start of the month and on time!

Let me show you how the Wheel looks with the cards for May having been revealed:

Wheel of the Year ~ January - May

We know that the central card is Major #14, Balance (or Temperance in RWS). Let me remind us what this year is about. It’s about keeping things in the middle and walking a tight rope: not pulling the silver birch one way or the other. It’s all about finding the balance between business, family, finances, TABI and me! That’s a lot to try and keep balanced! No more plates please ~ one has enough, thank you!!

As you can see, the Wheel is starting to look impressive! I don’t feel I kept a good “Balance” during April, it just seem to fly by! Now, onto May more specifically. The three cards in question can be seen above in The Wheel image, are laid out with the following position meanings:

Monthly Card: Three of Bows ~ Respect
What will help: Major #7, The Archer
What will not help: Knight of Vessels ~ Eel

May's 3 Cards

So the first up for this month is “Respect” in the shape of the Wildwood’s Woodwose. I’d never heard of a Woodwose before this deck, but I am getting familiar with him now. I struggle with this little fellow, and it seems that I am not the only one, going by the discussions on The Wildwood Study Group on Facebook.  Then we have a Major, The Archer and finally the Knight of Vessels.

I read the following for May: Earn and command the respect you deserve from all quarters during this month. If it means you have to be a temperamental old sod, then be a temperamental old sod. Decide on your target, calm yourself and when you are ready, let your arrow fly. This is the Chariot in RWS terms, so be driven, focused and aim your arrow true. Don’t get emotionally dragged into things or run away because the emotions overflow and threaten to drown you, as per usual. Acting like that will not help and you know it.

May's 3 Cards

In April, the month zoomed past in a sort of a blurry whirlwind. I recall it starting with Easter and spending time with my family and in-laws, now we’re in May and I am sure I must’ve blinked or something! I think I spent way too much time in April just reflecting, rather than actually doing things and being constructive and my usual self. But I’m Pisces, that’s part of what and who I am.

So, now I have posted two spokes in two days, I have other items that I have neglected: my newsletter for one! On with that over Friday and Saturday, with the aim to have it out on Sunday, or before (and encompass two month’s entries, rather than one!)

Thank you for joining me on this latest leg of my Tarot journey!


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Wildwood New Year Spread ~ 5/12 ~ May
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