Month: June 2012

Wildwood COTD : Nine of Bows

Today’s card of the day is the Nine of Bows, with the key word of Respect. He last emerged from The Wildwood on the 5th of June, which funny enough, was another Tuesday! This fellow has a thing for Tuesday’s I think. The day is full of respect for yourself, each other and for the […]

Wildwood COTD : Four of Stones

It’s Saturday but we’re hunkering down for some protection today, if the Wildwood’s advice for today is anything to go by. Protection from what, exactly though? Protection from the night-time elements? Protection from being hunted? Or are you the stones, the one doing the protecting? Do you need a personal space for your own emotional […]

Wildwood COTD : Queen of Vessels

It’s FRIDAY and today the Queen of Vessels comes out to join us. As she jumps from the low river up the waterfall, she launches herself into the unknown, the environment changes, the comfortable environment is left behind, but only temporarily. What message could she possibly have for us today? She’s the queen of emotions, […]

Celebrate the Sunrise ~ Tarot Blog Hop ~ Litha

I look forward to these blog hops! They’re interesting, vibrant and full of information and different perspectives from all over the world from America to Australia and back around again. The subject this time is “Celebrate the Sunrise” at the time of Litha,  also known as Midsummer. For those into Midsomer Murders (UK TV), they […]

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