Wildwood COTD : Ace of Vessels

It is a Monday, isn’t it? With this card, it feels like any other day but a Monday. But that said, new beginnings are often best at the start of the week, aren’t they?

Ace of Vessels ~ The Waters of Life
Ace of Vessels ~ The Waters of Life

But there is a new emotional connection available today, whether you are more arrows based like the Queen of Arrows (swan) or the earthy moose or the floating leaf.

The question is, can you see what the emotional connection is? Do you feel it? Do you want to feel it?

Today has been a new emotional understanding for me on a few levels about certain things, issues and people. In a way, my eyes have been opened slightly by this new understanding. It’s different, though not new. But is different the same as new? Perhaps, if it’s a shift or a change in an understanding, it is new, different from the previous.

So, what’s new, exciting or different for you today? Does not have to be any or all of them, but different is good, as is new.

If you need help in understanding this new shift, you can enlist my help here.

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Wildwood COTD : Ace of Vessels
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