Wildwood COTD : Eight of Bows

Today we have the Eight of Bows come out and join us and the keyword for this is Hearthfire. We see eight comrades in arms, or eight fellow hunters, celebrate after a day hunting or fighting. I suspect hunting, but you can never quite tell.

Card of the Day ~ Eight of Bows ~ Hearthfire
Eight of Bows ~ Hearthfire

What does this have to do with a Monday? This card looks more akin to a Friday night out, doesn’t it?

However, to me it speaks of friendship, being with friends regardless of the circumstances, of sharing a consciousness and bond with old and new friends.

It’s a time (quoting from the book) to be thankful and to express and receive love. It’s about finding your innermost peace and feeling the personal achievement and well-being that you deserve.

So, what does this suggest to you, now that there are some ideas there? Do you want to stay at this party? Or do you want to go off and be on your own?

There is a safety in numbers theory and on the cold days that this picture depicts, a warm fire, friends and drink certainly keep the lonely cold away! There are times when being on your own is necessary, but right now, the idea is to be with friends, enjoy their company, relax and be happy!

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Wildwood COTD : Eight of Bows
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