Wildwood COTD : Major #12 ~ The Mirror

Today is an important day, if you’re following the Euro 2012 Football competition. England play Ukraine today and even though I’m Scottish, I’d like the English to win tonight. However, the Tarot is giving nothing away in terms of possible results, for it has handed out to us the Wildwood’s version of The Hanged Man: The Mirror.

Card of the Day ~ The Mirror
Major 12 ~ The Mirror

The Mirror is rather reflective. I just saw a rather excellent post on Facebook that read: “You can’t have a positive life with a negative mind” and that is so true! But, if you have a negative mind (for a variety of reasons) how do you go about changing it?

The Hanged Man would suggest waiting it out, in the first instance. But sometimes, we’re impatient when we know what we’re doing is negative. The Mirror though offers us more advise than that. It suggests reflectiveness, patience, exploring the self. Eventually, when you sit alone long enough, you start to think, which is where the Hanged Man would take us, but I feel The Mirror takes us there a good bit quicker.

The Mirror she holds up to her breast, suggests reflection. The orb or the Moon that she holds (or appear to hold up!) shines a gentle light. The figure in the boat waits to travel to the Summer-lands. Everything is waiting, watching, staying calm. It’s a little like purgatory…  working out what you could have done better. Only at the moment, you’re not dead. You have the chance now to either put right what has gone wrong, or learn from past mistakes and learn from what went your way, what happened that was right.

So, today I feel that the message is, reflect, learn, understand, take personal time and have patience! The 90 minutes or so the game will be played tonight, patience might well take a back seat with some men! If you’d like to take some me time with me tonight, you can book your reading slot here.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #12 ~ The Mirror
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