Wildwood COTD : Major #14 ~ Balance

The Wildwood certainly has a strong message to rely out to me this week! This is the third major in as many days, so what does this one say? Funny enough, this was my Year card for the my Wheel of the Year spread, so I’m feeling I know it quite well, in the year spread. As an individual card, I am sure that there are still things to explore!

Card of the Day
Major #14 ~ Balance
Card of the Day

Today is another big balancing day, calmness, patience and reflectiveness. As if there is not enough of it going around at the moment, I get a dose of it too. Well, that doesn’t really surprise me, but it is rather sods law!

What do these two serpents represent to you though? I’ve explained above what they mean, traditionally, but use your intuition. They also remind me of healing, thinking of the caduceus in medical terms here. I find that reading Wikipedia it also relates to Mercury and therefore, communication, the Greeks, commerce and negotiation. Negotiation on what, exactly? Well, anything commercial I would surmise. So perhaps a new contract of some form might have materialised today?

I hope you have a good day in trying to keep your inner balance. I know I’m having a fun day in trying! But if the fun ever gets too much, you can find my help right here.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #14 ~ Balance
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