Wildwood COTD : Major #19, The Sun of Life

It’s a Monday and the Wildwood clearly isn’t a deck for sitting down and resting on its laurels! Today, it gives us Major #19, The Sun of Life, which at first glance makes me think: Let your light shine! (Which then makes me think of Katrina and the Waves, Love Shine a Light)

The Sun of Life
Major 19 ~ The Sun of Life

So today, will you let the magic happens? This follows on rather nicely from the blackthorn tree of yesterday and indeed, this week.

But what does that mean? You can take inspiration from the Love Shine a Light Song but the light has to start from somewhere. Are you letting your heart and love and true self shine?

Someone asked on a group in FB are you hiding your light under a basket or are you going to remove the basket and let the light shine. Such a great question!

What else does the Sun of Life say to you? To me, it’s about fire (the Sun in the card indicates that rather well) and creativity, the next step into the awareness of the mind. It’s also a symbol of fertility (and indeed, came up a lot whilst I was pregnant with both my children)

It also beckons us to step beyond the noise and clatter of human reality and become aware of the vastness and generosity of the cosmic soul.

So today, the message I feel is try to connect to the cosmic side of us, let the light shine and brightly!

If you’d like help in finding your inner light, or letting it shine, you can book your reading via this page.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #19, The Sun of Life
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