Wildwood COTD : Major #20 ~ The Great Bear

Today, the Great Bear comes out to join us. Two Majors in two days?? I get the feeling that I am getting a smack around the head somewhat! Especially so since this is Wildwoods’ answer to the RWS Judgement card.

The Great Bear
Major #20 ~ The Great Bear

This is the card of renewal, of challenges, the inescapable truth. The ancient burial mound of the passage grave reminds me of a Monty Python saying: Nothing is certain, save death and taxes! (And he’s a very naughty boy!)

This bear is calling the good souls out. What are good souls? Well, that’s debatable, in some quarters. Nature and the universe is far simpler than human religions would have us believe.

The book says that the Great Bear is the Guardian of the forest ways, she / he, holds the power of life and death in those rather large, dangerous paws.Β  Could he offer renewed wisdom and inner healing to take place? In that process, there is the place where you can forgive things. Goodness, I think I have a handle now on what it’s asking of me. Drat if it is!

The book offers this in its near parting wisdom: Be honest, be forgiving, be patient but most of all, be assured that change is at hand. The Universe has a -long- memory.Β  Nothing is forgotten: nothing is ever forgotten.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #20 ~ The Great Bear

2 thoughts on “Wildwood COTD : Major #20 ~ The Great Bear

  1. Hi Louise, I Like The Great Bear following The Green Man. Perhaps its telling us to have structure, but to remember balance…don’t forget balance. It does seem strange to have such a strong visual card to represent Temperance though, don’t you think? Perhaps he’s representing our inner selves and homeostasis (how the body always tries to maintain balance). Anyway, I’m still learning, so my ramblings are all inner feelings, not knowledge!! He He!! Hope you had good break.
    Mojo xx

  2. Balance in this deck is Major 14, Balance πŸ™‚ (rather apt, no? πŸ™‚ )
    And yes, it’s a strong one, but that was the intention of John and Mark when they created this deck. There’s another card that can scare the jeebies out of you that also features a bear…. it’s the Death / Transformation card, but I forget what the Wildwood calls it now… Ah, Major #13 ~ The Journey. πŸ™‚ That is the skeleton of a bear, coming right at you… I still shiver when I pull him out of the Woods πŸ˜‰

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