Widlwood COTD : Major #3, The Green Woman

Today the Wildwood’s answer to The Empress, The Green Woman comes out to join us. And I am not surprised that she’s come up. My thanks to my husband for choosing the card last night before I retired.

Major #3 ~ The Green Woman

What does the The Green Woman say to you? I know exactly what she is telling me today, she’s confirmed something I already had a strong intuitive feeling about.

But what does she have to share? As I said above, she’s the Wildwoods answer to The Empress, so she’s full of fertile ideas, the muse, thoughts, intuition. She can also indicate a pregnancy or two, so be careful what you wish for today!

She’s also indicating a time of learning and initiation when loving and fertile relationships are abound. The spirit within whomever she shows up for is often found to be magnanimous and generous.

She’s the mistress of animals too, so if you’re alone or feeling lonely, I know that there are various organisations around (RSPCA, Cats Protection League, Dogs Trust) who are looking to re-home unloved animals. Contact them to find the right one for you! (Warning, having a pet is a commitment and not to be undertaken lightly!)

The Green Woman is also the initiator of the human individual into the realm of The Wildwood, so be yourself, individual and most of all, unique!  If you’d like some help in this capacity, you can book your reading here.

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Widlwood COTD : Major #3, The Green Woman

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