Wildwood COTD : Nine of Bows

Today’s card of the day is the Nine of Bows, with the key word of Respect. He last emerged from The Wildwood on the 5th of June, which funny enough, was another Tuesday! This fellow has a thing for Tuesday’s I think.

Nine of Bows ~ Respect
Nine of Bows ~ Respect
Card of the Day

The day is full of respect for yourself, each other and for the Planet which we borrow from the future generations. Respect can be given, it can be taken from you and it can be commanded.

Some people command respect through their job, such as military personnel, doctors, nurses. However, there’s not enough of it going around, in my view. Countries also need to respect the laws, jurisdiction and rights of another. There are some countries though that like to throw their weight around and others who roll over and let others rub their tummies, like daft Labrador dogs.

However, my political views are only coming through because this fellow strikes that chord within me. There are other ways that this card can be applied to everyday life. For example, respecting myself and my business has been beneficial today. I often don’t stand up for myself, I act like a Labrador and roll over to accommodate everyone’s needs. But it doesn’t always work and it’s not good for a business to roll over for a tickle all the time!

So, today it’s time to respect yourself, others and the Planet. And if you’re not sure how to do the self-respect, you can book your slot via this page.

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Wildwood COTD : Nine of Bows

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