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Today the Page of Stones sits and watches us from his vantage point. We’ve seen him, but he saw us a good while ago. After yesterday’s win for the England football team in the Euro 2012 Football game, its time for a few days to get back to normal. Whatever normal is!

Page of Stones ~ Lynx
Page of Stones ~ Lynx

So today, the quiet Lynx gets on with his life whilst living in the Wildwood. He watches, observes, waits. He moves with stealth and care. He last joined us on May 12th and I linked through some shamanistic qualities of this character. They include divination, psychic sense development, a keeper of secrets.

Given how quiet this little wildcat can be, I am not surprised he’s good at the keeping secrets part. Since he does not meow or roar, he can be watching you for ages before you notice him. Skills to learn and practice. Rather fitting that they came up after a rather major self introspection of The Mirror yesterday.

So today, I am going to practice developing my psychic sense whilst I get on with the redecorating and sorting out other stuff when I can.

However, tomorrow evening, pre-solstice, I shall try to enjoy the evening and relax a little. After all, all work and no play makes life dull, doesn’t it? And if you’re wondering how to enjoy and embrace the presence of the lynx, I am here if you need me.

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Wildwood COTD : Page of Stones
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