Wildwood COTD : Queen of Bows

It’s SATURDAY, just in case you had forgotten. Those of us in the UK and other Commonwealth States may have had a 3 day working week or a shortened working week (I hope!) so Saturday may have crept up on you unaware.

Card of the Day
Queen of Bows ~ Hare

What does this Queen say to you? The Courts, to each of us, means something different, our interaction with the Courts varies because our personal life journey varies, even if you grew up in the same household!

For me, this Queen is one of passion, fire and a great friend. She’s the one that will not only help you dig a hole into which you might want to bury yourself, but ask you if it’s deep enough. She’s a companion for life: that is, providing you do not betray that trust… She’s wise, witty, supportive and a great strength if you want or need such a thing. And very often, we do.

She is a great success in business indicator and frankly, right now, we can all do with that, can’t we?

So today, I believe it’s a case of visualising what business opportunities you’d like and then working out how to help make that happen. And if you need the help of the Queen of Bows, or you can help someone with their business, that I feel is as good in itself. After all, if the folks are decent, they’ll help you in return.

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Wildwood COTD : Queen of Bows
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