Wildwood COTD : Six of Bows

It’s a Monday, back to work and school for most of us here in the UK and about time too, says us frazzled mothers and fathers who have had the “pleasure” of the kids being home for a week or so.

Card of the Day
Six of Bows ~ Abundance

But today, we need to remember what we have at our disposal, what we have harvested and what we have access to, if we are only brave enough to ask for input.

What does this image say to you? To me, the key word is perfect, it is of course, Abundance. There’s an abundance of things around. Look into a garden (if you can). For me, I have gooseberry’s, raspberry’s, onions, tomatoes, strawberries, red and black currents, rhubarb, apples, carrots and damsons. That ought to be enough but you know, it is not quite enough: I want to grow more! “I want it all” by Queen is now going around in my head!

But what does this card say to you today? I know what it is saying to me: watch your harvest, keep an eye on it, let it grow, nurture it and you’ll have all that you intend. This is not just about the physical fruits I listed above, but this is also down to business, it’s the passion suit of the deck, so I have to put in some work in order to gain the abundance. Like gardening, business work also requires regular work, maintenance, duty of care… The list is almost endless as to what you need to do. However, start somewhere. Anywhere.

If you want to grow herbs (hey, I didn’t list the 6 or so I have growing, be grateful because it’s probably more than half a dozen now! ~lol~) start with one you’d use. If you want apples, plant an apple tree (two varying types if your neighbours aren’t growing one so you get cross-fertilisation and therefore, a crop!)

So, whatever it is you want to achieve, start somewhere, nurture it. Add another way to do it or another avenue, but build it up, have patience, but start! If you’d like help in starting out, feel free to book your reading slot via this page.

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Wildwood COTD : Six of Bows
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