Wildwood COTD : Major #1, The Shaman

Today it’s Friday and it has so far promised to be a very busy day indeed! There are just too many things to do and for sure, not enough time in which to do it all. However, the Shaman (Wildwood’s answer to The Magician) comes out to assist. Great! Now, can I have two of me please? I can’t? Drat.

Major 1 ~ The Shaman

To me, this fellow is about being calm, controlled, together. Not my usual traits, I have to admit. He’s the call to the wild from times gone by, by perhaps studying an esoteric science or philosophy and apply it to the modern-day.

The book refers to The Shaman as being a signal for new spiritual journeys or chapters. You’re now in a place emotionally and intellectually to bring forth real change in your life for the benefit of everyone.

It requires focus, meditating and applying wisdom from the other-world to everyday reality.

To me, he’s the master of making what he needs, intends, wants or wishes,  happen. Which sounds a lot like the two paraphrased paragraphs from the book (pages 38 & 39).

Meditating and focusing are not skills I apply very well at the moment, I’m often heading this way and that, worse than a fish trying to avoid a bigger fish or the landing net. However, I shall take his message on board. I am glad he’s come about today, truth be told. Why? Because it’s a Friday, we’ve not seen The Shaman for quite some time and for us Brits, it’s a terrifically LONG weekend (4 days!) so I’ll see you all tomorrow. Bright blessings everyone!!

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Wildwood COTD : Major #1, The Shaman
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