Wildwood COTD : Eight of Arrows

There must be something about the eights that I need to pay attention to, for this card, the Eight of Arrows,  has joined me again this month, the last time being the 3rd of July. It was nice, walking around the park, being able to pick a card of the da

Card of the Day
Eight of Arrows ~ Struggle
Card of the Day

However, nature decided to end my morning walk by letting rip yet another heavy shower, and it’s taken me all day to find the time to write up my card.

This card indicates a struggle and already, before the day had really gotten under-way, I was struggling to get around the park. I thought I might struggle as I headed off to hospital for the blood work I had to go for, but that was a breeze. It was a breeze at the butchers, no challenge at all, other than what to have for dinner tonight now I’ve restocked the chest freezer!

Today, all in all, nothing I have done has been a challenge. From the blood work to seeing the major school production of Bugsy Malone at my son’s school, it was easily overcome and tackled.

The big issue I have at the moment is not of my doing. It is the same for several thousand, possibly a million or so people across the UK: one of the UK’s biggest mobile networks is down. Simple. Not working. Dead. That’s a struggle as the mobile communications we have to rely upon for simple basic information, including texting, has been out for the majority of the afternoon. My phone is not a happy little bunny, it keeps rebooting, desperately trying to find that signal of life that it needs. That has been a struggle but someone, somewhere, has a light that will shine and will get it fixed.

Just, can it be this side of midnight please? Thank you!


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Wildwood COTD : Eight of Arrows

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